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SweetPaw Siberia cattery

Breeder of Siberian Neva Masquerade cats






About Us

We are an in-home family cattery registered with the Canadian Cat Association (CCA) and  The International Cat Association (TICA) with available kittens in Quebec (Canada) and North Carolina (USA). 

We breed Siberian cats with particular point coloration and blue eyes, many know them as Siberian Neva Masquerade.

Siberians are also known as hypoallergenic cats. 


Our goal is to produce healthy and well-socialized pure-race cats for people who love animals. Our cats live among us and are a part of our family. They communicate very well with our dog, having a very touching relationship.

Kittens are usually born with a very light color coat, almost white, showing darker tracery as they grow over the first 2-3 years.

Ancestors of our kittens are European Champions (ECH), Grand European Champions (GECH), World Champions (WCH), and Grand International Champions (GICH) registered with WCF which allows us to get offspring of the glorious champions.

Our Ancestors

World Champion

♂ Cosmos  Arkaim

Grand International Champion

♁ Alyona Azure Crystal

Grand International Champion

Geralt Liger Siberia_4.png

♂  Geralt Liger Siberia


♁ Esenia Ligers Sibertai

World Champion

♂  Cesarevich Arctic Blizzard

Grand International Champion

♁ Kamelia Dikoe Pole

World Champion

♂ Fenomen Komilfo


♁ Holy Dikoe Pole

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