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💕Love and Proud   

Astrid (litter A) 


Bulochka (litter B)


Briony Sora (litter B) 

and Bartleby Rupert (litter B) 

"...Both doing great! .. we've been trying to get them used to going places, so they've been to my office a few times and a long trip to our parents... We've also had one outdoor excursion in their harnesses and we'll go out again... They also like to be in on the action and seem interested in meeting new people... Thank you for the amazing job you did getting them ready for us"

-Mark P.

Coco Simba (litter C) 

"... II est adorable... Je l`ame tellement!... Le roi de la maison!..."

-Veronique M.

Cibylle Pearl (litter C) 

"... She is doing so well! Added so much joy to our life!..."

- Ysma K.

Darty Umka (litter D) 

"...Umka is such a treasure, he makes us laugh constantly at his antics in our house and especially with our two eight-year-old dogs. Umka is intelligent, brave, confident, playful, and affectionate..."

- Olga B.

Fluffy (litter F) 

"...He is the most intelligent, kind, and affectionate cat ever. We adore him 💕..."

- Catherine B.

Forest (litter F) 

image0 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

"...Forest is such a great cat. We're so happy to have found him...We're so fun!... He's very good-natured!... They are truly a special breed! He's capable of adapting to change like a dog! ..."

- Sandra I.

Funky Whisky (litter F)


"...Il grossit très rapidement... Il est magnifique!  💕..."

- Carole-Lyne H.

Fiona Nibs (litter F) 


"...She is quite the personality... She always wants to be around us and know what we are doing..."

- Emmalyn K.

Ginny Ella (litter G) 


"...Ella is now 9 months and growing at a steady pace. She is very playful and has learned how to play fetch!  She loves to stalk and hunt around the house. She doesn’t sleep a lot but loves to follow us around and continuously talks to us. We are enjoying her and loving her playfulness! ..."

- Roxanne K.

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